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Ascendant Strategy are on the Financial Technologist magazine’s THE MOST INFLUENTIAL FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES OF 2021

We are very proud to be on the list for the third year running! See the full magazine here, and don’t forget to check out Ascendant’s Alastair Rutherford on the hot topic of  TECH INNOVATION IN POST-TRADE starting page 30…
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Outlook 2021: Post-trade Transformation – Why Digitalisation & Resilience of Operations Matters to CXO’s in 2021

Post-trade transformation still required? Was 2020 ‘Job done’ or just another year of only just getting away with it? What do CXOs need to do in 2021 to challenge complacency and drive effective digital transformation? Click here to read our view
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Webinar – How Close is the Blockchain Revolution in Capital Markets?

Ascendant Strategy joined up again with The Realisation Group to take another look – 2 years on – at how DLT technology has impacted Post Trade in Capital Markets. Before, we were confirmed sceptics, but now… why not relive the webinar here? Thanks to participants Sophia Grami, Olaf Ransome, Jannah Patchay who joined Ascendant’s Alastair...
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Time For Another Reality Check – How Close Is The Blockchain Revolution In Capital Markets?

Will Blockchain revolutionise the post-trade environment in capital markets? Two years ago we were a bit sceptical… since then things have moved on and we’ve put the team back together to discuss. The outcome from our perspective is a bit more positive, cautiously optimistic even! To read the FMI document, click here
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Not Quite The Capital Markets Block Chain Revolution, But Perhaps Evolution In Post Trade?

Over recent years, DLT solutions have been hailed as a driver for post trade transformation.  2021 is apparently the year that blockchain begins its climb out of the ‘trough of disillusionment’ according to the Gartner hype-cycle report of 2019[1]. What sparks this climb, according to the research, will be advances in technology and ‘pragmatic use...
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Creating Economic Value By Transforming The Collateral Management Journey

The economic imperative for collateral optimisation has taken centre stage over the last decade, as the increased regulatory requirement for collateralisation of products has led to higher demand for the assets that underpin it. Whilst traditionally seen as back office function, the emergence of collateral as an asset class in its own right has led...
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Bridging the Post Trade Gap – How to innovate successfully within Capital Markets

At the start of the year, the cost and complexity of the post-trade environment was already a challenge for most organisations. The global pandemic highlighted even further the stubborn post-trade problems that persist in the industry. And whilst fintech innovation may have flourished over recent years, many firms are still struggling to use it to...
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Building The Bridges of Post-Trade Pragmatism

Given the regulators’ increasing focus on resilience and the relentless economic pressures driving the need for greater efficiency, most firms recognise the need for action. But does the sheer size and scope of the challenge limit the ability of ‘off the shelf’ solutions to deliver impactfully and make it a daunting prospect for the C-suite...
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The Economic Imperative for Post Trade Resilience in Capital Markets – Why & How

As the world reflects upon the impact of the last 6 months and starts to revise strategy based upon the ‘new normal’ that it now finds itself in, we look at what C-level leaders should be doing to catalyse change across their middle and back office domains. Click here to read on….
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