Why Front-to-Back Modernisation Agendas Fail in Financial Services – And How to Enable Success?

The evolution of financial services during the last decade was driven by an overwhelming tide of industry restructuring and regulation associated with fall-out from the 2008 crisis. This dominated management focus and forced business models to adjust (and in some cases pivot entirely to something new) to the new age in which they found themselves....
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Ascendant Strategy are on the Financial Technologist magazine’s THE MOST INFLUENTIAL FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES OF 2021

We are very proud to be on the list for the third year running! See the full magazine here, and don’t forget to check out Ascendant’s Alastair Rutherford on the hot topic of  TECH INNOVATION IN POST-TRADE starting page 30…
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Building The Bridges of Post-Trade Pragmatism

Given the regulators’ increasing focus on resilience and the relentless economic pressures driving the need for greater efficiency, most firms recognise the need for action. But does the sheer size and scope of the challenge limit the ability of ‘off the shelf’ solutions to deliver impactfully and make it a daunting prospect for the C-suite...
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The Economic Imperative for Post Trade Resilience in Capital Markets – Why & How

As the world reflects upon the impact of the last 6 months and starts to revise strategy based upon the ‘new normal’ that it now finds itself in, we look at what C-level leaders should be doing to catalyse change across their middle and back office domains. Click here to read on….
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Solving for Post Trade Data – Enabling, Not Disabling Innovation within Capital Markets

Is the industry obsession with data as a panacea for inefficiency misguided and distracting focus from elsewhere? Or is the solution more complex than the C-suite are led to believe and so requires a different approach? To read our thoughts, click here
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Outlook 2020 – Time for Real Post Trade Transformation Within Capital Markets

Many banks are facing the horror of ‘double jaws’ – decreasing revenue and increasing costs – taking some to a cost/income ratio of greater than 100%. With restructuring and rationalisation of business models, front office cost has been removed but the post-trade world stubbornly resists proportional reductions. To survive, CXOs must rethink how to transform...
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ipushpull and Ascendant Strategy announce partnership to deliver Innovative Solutions for Post-trade Workflow Automation

London, UK – 18th July 2019: ipushpull, the live data sharing and real-time workflow automation platform, are delighted to announce a partnership that brings together the award-winning ipushpull platform with the post-trade expertise and delivery capability of Ascendant Strategy. The partnership between ipushpull and Ascendant Strategy brings significant value to capital markets post-trade functions who want to...
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Unlocking the Post-Trade Puzzle: New Approaches to Solving the Issue of Operational Costs in the Post-Trade Environment

Unlocking the Post-Trade Puzzle: New Approaches to Solving the Issue of Operational Costs in the Post-Trade Environment Following the 2008 financial crisis, the US and European approaches to reforming the financial sector were markedly different, with European rules resulting in far more onerous capital and trade reporting requirements. Over a decade later the impact of...
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Cash (management) is King!

Cash (management) is king ! The increasing importance of efficient cash management on cost/income performance   20 years ago I cut my teeth in the cash management area of several different investment banks as I started out in the City. In those days, the glamour areas of the post trade world where securities and OTC...
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