Digital Assets - what does it mean for post-trade?

Digital Assets are making headlines every day – from Crypto and CBDC to NFTs and more. But what does it mean for post trade processing? Do we even need post-trade processing for these assets? Ascendant Strategy can help you to understand what the future might hold, how to manage the present, and how to shape your transformation

Where are you now and where do you need to be?

Most organisations are approaching a “digitised” world where most post trade tasks are automated, and exceptions are resolved using shared data sets. As the underlying assets start to become digital assets, the processing model changes materially (see here for more on this transition). The degree of change required is driven by the business model adopted to offer these assets to your clients. Key aspects that drive this are:

  1. The new model can deliver significant efficiencies – but to achieve this there are major process changes required. Some processes disappear whilst others will need to move to pre-trade – click here for more
  2. Regulatory aspects – we can expect this to be rapidly converging on what we see for traditional assets (see here for more on this)
  3. In-house versus partnering – leveraging other organisations to provide parts of the process as opposed to owning the entire infrastructure (more here)


Let Ascendant Strategy help you understand how to control your future with digital assets

As practitioners, our experience combines extensive transformation experience across IT and business, enabling us to provide enterprise wide leadership to support your journey. We can help you to:

  • Understand how your organisation’s Digital Asset agenda impacts your post-trade capabilities
  • Understand the market landscape, then identify and assess solution options
  • Create a pragmatic transformation plan that delivers the chosen option
  • Manage the delivery of the transformation